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Advisory services

CRS Advisory

The CRS Advisory professionals are senior and experienced professionals who have been involved in formal and informal restructuring in Australia, South Africa and the UK for many years.

We have developed long term trusted relationships with many stakeholders, including, banks, financiers, legal and accounting professionals and other consultants.

Having had operational and advisory experience we have developed industry expertise in a number of key sectors, which assists us in assessing and developing effective, strategic and practical solutions for clients and their major stakeholders.

Our services are not limited to formal restructuring services as we are able to assist clients, lenders and other stakeholders including shareholders, directors and suppliers in undertaking:

Independent Business Reviews (IBR’s) and Pre-Lending Reviews

The IBR and Pre-Lend reviews provide stakeholders with key insights into the viability of a business and provide clear and concise recommendations in order to restore operational and financial performance or develop an exit and/or closure strategy.

The IBR and pre-lending reviews cover Financial and Operational reviews which are prepared based on facts and information provided by the organisation and its management being carefully reviewed supported with insightful discussions and interviews with management and other stakeholders which could include customers, suppliers, employees etc.

The outcome of the reviews should provide an objective and independent view of the business in order to determine whether the business is viable or if alternative positive or negative actions are required.

Financiers or investors would likely require an IBR in order to:

  • Consider providing new or additional funding or equity (pre-lends or capital raising);
  • Determine whether existing facilities or funding will be sufficient or become exhausted based on projected budgets and forecasts;
  • Understand why banking and other facilities or suppliers credit terms are not being complied with;
  • Determine the reasons management are not able to produce reliable accounting and trading information;
  • Consider, understand and assess the veracity of the organisation’s financial results, cash forecasts, business plans, future financial and operational assumptions, feasibility and ability to service debt;
  • Understand the reasons the borrower may have breached monetary or other covenants and is not providing information to assist in assessment of its viability;
  • Non-compliance or breaches of statutory obligations. Our advisers have undertaken many of these reviews on behalf of lenders, shareholders and other stakeholders across different industry segments.
  • In order to assist businesses and the key stakeholders, the early identification of the drivers and inhibitors of the business and management is essential.

In order to address and achieve positive and meaningful outcomes, timely responses and actions together with the support of quality resources is critical to implement strategic options.

Strategic Advice

The CRS experienced professionals can assist companies who are at different stages of the business’ life cycle to determine the most ideal way forward, while mitigating identified risks.

This can be achieved through the implementation of various informal or formal processes, including:

  • Capital and/or Debt funding – Our extensive network enables us to assist clients procure Equity and Debt funding from stakeholders such as Private Equity funders, high wealth family offices and selective financiers.
  • Wind-down – Utilising an informal or formal process which is aimed at winding down the business in a way that will provide the best outcome for all stakeholders. It can include the closure and exit from non-performing businesses, disposal of non-performing assets, and the minimization of job losses.
  • Formal restructures may include, Voluntary Administration, Creditors Voluntary Liquidation, Receivership etc. The restructure of a business may include the prospect of restoring its stability and profitability.
  • Turnarounds – A turnaround could include the implementation of operational, strategic and organisational changes to address underperformance of businesses. When organisations are facing crisis we can provide financial and industry expertise to assist management to implement a turnaround. In addition, if required, we can provide interim CEO’s or CFO’s in the event of gaps in management.
  • Safe Harbour – (CORPORATIONS ACT 2001 – SECT 588GA) – We can assist Boards of Directors in developing one or more courses of action that are reasonably likely to lead to a better outcome for the company than the immediate appointment of an administrator, or liquidator, of the company. This reform has the potential to reinvigorate distressed businesses by enabling directors to take the appropriate steps to rehabilitate distressed businesses.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – We have developed a reliable and professional network of buyers, sellers and intermediaries involved in various industries who support and assist clients with the processes that best suits their specific businesses and expected outcomes.

Performance Improvement Services

We are able to offer our diverse and extensive experience across most industry sectors to assist organisations establish new paths and re-build their existing or outdated capabilities.

The Performance Improvement services we are able to offer clients together with our trusted partners are:

  • Inventory and asset optimisation and return;
  • Cash Flow Modelling and accounting support;
  • Cost Reduction and revenue improvement initiatives;
  • Improving the organisation’s receivables management environment.

Expert Reports

Our advisors have undertaken expert reports for various parties including Banks, Lenders, Shareholders, the Courts and other professionals including:

  • Solvency reports
  • Forensic investigations
  • Portfolio impairment and provision reports
  • Litigation support

Where necessary additional experts are engaged to assist in areas where specific technical needs such as litigation or valuations are required.

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