The bankruptcy and liquidation specialists of Australia, CRS Insolvency Services, are professional, knowledgeable and highly experienced insolvency experts dedicated to providing advice for businesses facing liquidation or other financial difficulties. With a head office based in Sydney, as well as services in both Melbourne and Perth, CRS has a team of professional and registered liquidation specialists on board to help you make the right decisions and effectively manage your liquidation situation, including their highly experienced and knowledgeable CEO, Anthony Warner.

For Australian businesses operating in today’s increasingly dynamic and competitive environment, slowing growth patterns, increased competition and an uncertain economic outlook all present threats to performance and viability, leading many businesses into liquidation.

If a business chooses to liquidate or is forced into liquidation by its creditors, it faces the cessation of its operations and the sale of its assets to pay outstanding debts to creditors. This is one of the final options a business should consider, as the business will be terminated and cease to exist following the completion of the liquidation process.

At CRS, our clients’ best interests come first. That is why our highly experienced team of liquidation specialists are dedicated to providing quality and unbiased liquidation advice that is specific to your individual case, and to help you prevent liquidation where possible. An appointed liquidation specialist will work closely to understand the business’ financial affairs, offer personalised liquidation advice and determine the best course of action that the business should take to rectify its debts before choosing to settle for liquidation. Where liquidation presents itself as the only possible option, the Australian liquidation specialists from CRS Insolvency Services can assist insolvent companies in initiating a Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation to efficiently manage their finances and bring their business operations to an end.

For more information on liquidation, or to find out how the Australian liquidation specialists from CRS can help you out of your financial turmoil, contact 1800 210 073 for free, no-obligation liquidation advice today.