Shoppers Are Becoming Smarter Than Ever Before

Shoppers are often accused of recklessness. They are said to spend too much and think too little. But recent figures are showing that shoppers are becoming smarter and savvier than ever before.

In 2014, the Westpac Christmas Finance Report found that about 72 per cent of shoppers use their smartphone or tablet to price check whilste wandering the aisles to see if they can land themselves a better price elsewhere.

Founder and CEO of CRS Insolvency Services, Anthony Warner, praises such actions. “‘For years, financial advisors have tried to teach shoppers the tips and tricks of smart shopping, and with improvements in technology to help us we are finally seeing smarter shopping habits.”

A large proportion of Australians go over their monthly budgets when shopping, with an even larger number not having a budget at all. Over-spending and excessive credit card debts are some of the most common factors leading Australians into insolvency, so the sooner smarter spending habits are adopted, the better.

CRS Insolvency Services provides professional advice and debt solutions to help Australians keep their finances on track. Having helped hundreds of Australian individuals and businesses restructure their finances towards a more positive and fruitful future, CRS possess the knowledge, experience and expertise to assist with the management of your debt problems.

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