According to industry experts, smart financial management is the key to both long-term survival and future growth prospects for small businesses.

CRS Insolvency Services has compiled a list of their top three tips on how you can manage your small business so that it thrives financially:

  1. Consult Your Bank

There are a lot of useful and free reports available from banks that can inform you of the periods of peak demand and troughs for your services and products. By tapping into this knowledge, you can better understand the current situation and future opportunities or threats your company faces, and begin to look at strategies that can benefit its financial position.

  1. Weekly Benchmarking

Benchmarking regularly through analysing industry and store data enables you to pinpoint growth-driving factors and replicate them across the board for greater business success. Track both financial and non-financial results, including customer feedback, to ensure a comprehensive overview.

  1. Ensure Controls Are In Place And Regularly Evaluated

Maintaining effective controls is important for all aspects of small businesses, whether they are for managing inventory, operational costs, or fixed costs and overheads. Creating policies, documentation and training staff on how these costs should be managed will guide your company toward a better financial position.

If you believe you have exhausted all avenues in attempting to bring your business back to life, CRS can help.

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